That's the husband...but not in a demeaning way. I'm talking about his weight loss. He's not in any kind of diet. His busy schedule is to blame for...or should it be 'thank' for since he needs to lose weight anyway? The first clue that told us he lost some pounds are his not so tight pants anymore. He jumped on the scale and we're right. He's off by 10 pounds already. Good, right?

For him anyway. For me, not quite. I also want to lose some unwanted pounds. I only want to lose what he lost already. Unfortunately, what he lost...I found. Get it? I tried skipping meals but it's not doing good for my 'already' messed up digestive system. I ended up taking some over the counter meds because I started having some tummy aches. So here I am reading jenny craig reviews online to see if this will be a good route for me to take in order to trim me down just a wee bit. Maybe in a month or so, I can pull a 'Valerie Bertinelli' and walk around in a 2-piece swimsuit. Whooppss!


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