My Favorite Gift to Give


I don't drive...that's why I work at home. Or is it the other way around? It's both I guess since one affects the other. Anyway, since I don't drive I only get to go out when hubby is free to drive us around. My in-laws are kind enough to offer to drive me if I want to go somewhere if hubby is too busy but I have yet to take them on that offer. Obviously, if I need to buy something, say a gift, I have to either ask the husband to drive me to the store or do the shopping online. The latter is almost always the winner...especially if the gift is for, yes, the driver...err, the husband.

One of my 'rules' when picking out a gift for somebody is I want the gift to be personalized or should have some kind of a personal touch on it. This is the reason why I love giving photo cards to friends and/or loved ones on special occasions such as birthday, Christmas, etc. Proof? This photo card [which I posted here not too long ago] that I made for Dad from the little one on Vday.

Yep, photo card is my favorite gift to give. Especially if I have a picture to share [read: brag about? LOL] like that one.


J said…
ang cute nila.

mas late ako at galing ako sa doctor ulit. I'm a bit distracted, it was like a 2 in 1 visit for my usual check-up(hypertension and all), which was good but I had to sit down with F's Dr. too on the result of his two tests done a couple of weeks ago. not really that good... and he will have to undergo more tests.

hope you have a nice weekend. kami dito mukhang the weather will be nice, but with all the developments nakakadala itong kasama ko dito at his attitude is not like me when it comes to handling things like this.
Anonymous said…
haha, taksyapu ating palengke keni, gewa deng tourist spot pane yang matawu. Makasali kung fresh pero ala na lang tinta okay mu at least tutu lang pusit.

Grabe ka sweet na ning kekayung baby girl.
Nance said…
what a nice picture card! sweet and brings good memories for the subjects.
You are so creative!
Lynn said…
that is really nice! thank u for the link, mommy J! mwahugs!

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