Non-Stop Insurance Hunt


It seems that no matter how busy they are at work, the husband still finds the chance to surf online at work. Nope, he's not slacking, far from it actually. He does it while having his lunch until his lunch break is over. Do you know what his favorite thing to search for online? Properties! Vacant lots or any the Philippines. Truth be told, he knows more about the geographical stuff in the Philippines than his wife [that would be ME].

It's no secret he wants to retire in the Philippines. Well, retire may not be an accurate word anymore because he wants to move like, right now. Obviously, we're not at our retiring age yet so if we move sometime soon, we would need to find something to sustain us while we're there, right? For now he says, he's just 'lookin'. He's checking everything though and not only properties. He already searched for things like auto insurance quotes as well as other insurance related matters. Insurance is a big part of life here in the land of Uncle Sam so he obviously wants to know the ins & outs of insurance there. Goodluck with that! Ha!


Ciela said…
Well, that would certainly be a lot of savings to keep if you happen to decide to retire here in your home country.

Get to enjoy your beautiful weather once in a while.. sayang naman. Pano naman si E? he he..

Btw, ganda ba ng ngiti ko? Kainan kasi eh! At super busog pa. ha ha!

Weekend na naman! Sa muling pagbisita! See you again, Huling!

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