Passing Time...


So what do you do to pass time? When I was still single, I had a lot of free time on my hands. I used to read pocket books all the time. There was a time when I could read as many as 3 books in one day. Then there was a time where I would pass time by watching movies in VHS. The rental place was just across the street from my apartment so I would rent 10 movies at a time and would be done watching them in no time.

Now it's different. I still find myself with some free time some days but I no longer spend time reading or watching. I browse the internet. Recently, all I've been doing is looking at old pictures that my niece uploaded in her FB. I don't have any of my old pictures with me so seeing those old pics brought back a lot of memories...good and bad. I am actually surprised to see 'me' during my teenage years. I didn't think I had acne when I was a teenager but now that I've looked at those old pics, I guess accutane would have been in order then. Well, maybe not. I guess I'm exaggerating a bit. But now that I've seen those pics, I now remember a time in my younger years when all I wanted to do was prick all those bumps on my chin...and I did. The result? A few scars here and there. Not pretty...but what can I do now, right?

Anyway, I asked my niece to post some more of my old pictures so the little one can see that I was also young at one point...tee hee...


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