That's what we see when we look out the window right now. Rain, rain and more rain. It's a far cry from what we've been having the last few days. Mother nature is really going haywire, eh? In fairness, the forecast for this week actually has rain in it so it's something expected. I just didn't expect it to be this much rain...and to last this long.

Again....thank goodness I'm a WAHM! At least I don't have to deal with it out there....


Lynn said…
same here, mommy. love it when it rains since dito lang naman ako sa bahay. abala sa mga nagwo work talaga. hehe.
J said…
dropping by on a stormy day here in the Big Apple. this brutal storm started last night here and the howling wind and torrential downpour is scary. hanggang bukas ang storm advisory namin.

magisa ako because F had to attend a driver improvement program (sayang din ang discount sa car insurance at expiry ata is every 3 years ) pre-booked three months ago.

how's your weekend? sana naman off na si M. have a great one!

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