We had one great morning last Sunday. After months of working long hours 7 days a week, hubby was finally able to take a full day's off from work. Since it's uncertain when he's going to have another day off, we decided to take advantage of it.

The weather forecast for Sunday though was not very promising as there was rain in the forecast later in the day. BUT a little rain wouldn't stop us. We woke up really early and was out the door by around 9 AM. We were at the Congo River Golf course around 10 [which is normally breakfast time on the weekend]. We enjoyed the place for about 3 hours and left happy. We swung by the Philippine store and got my 'supplies'. The rain started pouring as soon as we left the mini-golf course. Now that's what you call...PLANNING...or is it TIMING? Both, maybe.


Tetcha said…
That's one fun and exciting bonding time with your family.
BongFlo said…
a little more practice and you may very well become the "tigress woods" of the game, lol! just passing by j to read posts. have a reflective week in this season of lent j. Gbu!

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