Social Networking...Marketplace?


I've only been active with social networking for maybe a year or so. I've been a member longer than that but I didn't really spend much time on them before. I would only go if someone told me to check out some pictures, etc. Lately though I've been on these sites numerous times a day. I am really close to actually making one these sites as my homepage but I've stayed strong and haven't given in. Frankly, I may not give in at all. I may even limit my visits to these sites.

Why? Lately, all I see are advertisements of products that a friend [or an acquaintance] of a friend of a friend is selling. I've seen pictures of clothes, jewelry, perfume, etc. for sale. I won't be surprised if tomorrow I see an advertisement for Ferrari parts in one of my friends' page. I get it. We all need to survive and right now social networking sites are probably the most popular places to gain customers and do business. I just wish it doesn't happen as much as it does. But that's just me. Maybe I should just stay away from these sites, eh? I spend way too much time browsing them anyway. Maybe I should just go back to blog hopping, eh? Good idea??


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