Weekend Outing & An Online Degree...


You read that right...we went out on a weekend...and that's yesterday. Woo hoo! We didn't go anywhere special or far or expensive, we just went to visit hubby's brother then we went to the mall to spend the little one's money. LOL. Seriously. She's been getting a dollar a week from Dad so she has about 15 bucks. She couldn't wait to spend her money. Aside from the cold hard cash that she has, she also has the Visa card we gave her...err...Santa gave her on Christmas and she's been bugging Dad when she could actually use 'her' card. Well, we did yesterday. She got 2 pairs of...guess what? Shoes!!! Girls! She definitely had a blast blowing all her money. Haha.

Anyway, it's been a while since we've seen the in-laws. The wife [sis-in-law], has started teaching in college a few months ago. She's very excited to tell me about her new job because she knows I was a teacher in my former life. Since her degree is not really related to teaching, she needs to get another degree which is education related to keep her job. Since she's working during the day and is too tired to go to school at night to earn another degree, I mentioned to her that she should try an online degree.

I am a big proponent of online schools. I used to teach in one during my first couple of years as a WAHM and it was fulfilling in more ways than one. I myself am thinking of taking a masters degree online one of these days. I have checked some online universities and so far my favorite one is Western Governors University or WGU. This university is perfect for someone like me who is a WAHM and to my sister in law who is too busy with her job during the day since everything is done online. WGU is fully-accredited and has one of the cheapest as far as tuition fee goes because it only costs about 6 grand a year. Maybe my plan of taking a masters degree will pan out sooner than later.


Ciela said…
Hello Huling!

Huling ka na sa kin ngayon!ha ha.. Hilo na ko sa inyong mag-tukayo e!

Glad for you, you had a great weekend! Wow! Ang saya for E! She had a grand shopping spree. At may extended Visa Card pa sya ha! I could only imagine how exciting it was for her!

Mukhang ayos pati ang bonding time sa in-laws mo ha?! We really need that once in a while para masaya lahat! Di ba?

Ingat kyo dyan. Maulan pa ba?
Unknown said…
Online Degree

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