Baby on Board!


Not my baby though. One of my nieces is expecting her first baby. She got married last year and now they're expecting. Exciting...especially to my brother because this will be his first grandchild. I was able to see them all last week via webcam because everyone was on break. Anyway, I saw my niece with her bulging belly. I am very happy for her because she's really happy with the baby coming in August.

After telling the niece how excited I am about the baby, what else can an Aunt like me do? Scare the heck out of her of course. LOL...I actually tried doing that by telling her that she needs to start checking on hemorrhoid relief as early as now because a lot of women who give birth via normal delivery suffer from this uncomfortable condition afterwards. I thought her eyes would pop out of her head when I said that! But I was quick enough to tell her that such is not ALWAYS the case. What I didn't tell her was that I put some baby stuff for her little one in the box that I just sent to them. Hopefully, that will ease the pain I caused her. Tee heee...


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