Backyard Blooms...

This is one of the trees we planted last year. It's called 'Majestic Beauty'. The name fits it because it's really beautiful especially with its flowers in full bloom. I believe it's the only tree [aside from the huge oak trees in the backyard] that didn't lose its leaves. The buds also started to show during winter so it was kinda' neat.

Anyway, the buds started to open up and there's quite a few in bloom already. The tree is full of buds right now and I can't wait to see when it looks like this [picture from redwood barn website].


J said…
we don't have blooms here just a couple of weeks maybe. 40's pa rin kami at night that's why.

dropping by late, kasi ngayon din lang ako online.I was too tired yesterday from the long day of waiting and finally I did some errands today that were in the back burner for a while pending results of tests.

have a blessed weekend and happy easter!
Ciela said…
Pretty blooms! Ganda ng paligid pag spring time, 'no?
I was off-line too for quite a while. Went to an island off Zambales' shore. Sayang, kung alam kong gusto mong sumama, ipinasundo sana kita ng jeepney. (Lol!)

Happy Easter, Huling!
OMG!!! I'm green with envy! Those flowers are so beautiful. Sana may ganyan din kami. I love plants.

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