Bad News, Good News....


The bad news. The past couple weekends are not very good with my weight loss ambition. Nope, not at all. The candies that the Easter bunny brought for the little one were just way too tempting for me. Then the little one had her birthday. More sweets needless to say. The chocolate cake she baked for her special day and the chocolate ice cream that accompanied it just didn't have a chance with me. And to make it worse, I also skipped on my walking on the treadmill. Bad me! I guess I won't be one of those with weight loss success stories to share anytime soon, eh? Not yet. Hopefully in time, I will be.

Moving on to some good news. My lab test results from Monday came yesterday. I don't really know how to interpret the results but by comparing it with the last ones I had, it seems my THS is back to normal. With everything that was tested, only the 'absolute eosinophils' is out of range. It's the one that has something to do with my allergies. It's actually through the roof but I'm fine. I guess Spring has that kind of effect to me just like everyone else with allergies. Anyway, I have an appointment with my doctor in a few weeks so he can explain the results to me and see if I still need to take medications for my thyroid problem.


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