Black-out. Power Outage. No lights. No Electricity. For about 3 hours....then on and off throughout the night.

Why? Strong line of thunderstorms. Somewhat unexpected, to me anyway. It was bit cloudy during the day and I expected that it was going to rain and boy did it rain.

For the first hour of the power outage, the three of us just cuddled up in the couch messing up with the little one. The second hour or so was spent in silence. I was left alone on the couch resting while the little one played and the husband read his magazines.

The 'silence' was very soothing. No noise but the rain and the loud thunders and when it stopped, almost complete silence. It still surprises me how quiet it is when the power is off. It's only then that I realize how much background noise the appliances make.

Power outage...surprisingly a welcome treat. As long at it does not happen in the middle of the night....and only lasts for a couple of hours.


tee hee. yes, sometimes it's my only reason to take a break from work if it happens during the day :P

it's a good thing it's not hot in there. can you imagine pag nagbrownout sa maynila? waaahhhh!! kainet!

salamat sa pagbisita! mwah! madalaw nga din si C. hihi. gaya-gaya din ako :P

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