Down Late...Up Early

Ho-hummm....Not quite sure why I couldn't go back to sleep after sending hubby off [to work]. I feel sleepy but sleep has been 'playing hard to get'. But it's the weekend so it's all good because it means I can nap anytime I want to...or can I?

Anyway, no big plans for this weekend since it's back to work on a weekend for the man of the house. My boss also informed us that we have some 'rush' work to finish this weekend so it's going to be one busy weekend. No complaints here though.

The little one is super duper excited. She'll be turning a year older very soon. No big party...just the usual cake/ice cream with some presents for her special day. She asked Dad to get some balloons she can blow up and a candle #8 and some rainbow sprinklers for her cake. She will be baking her own birthday cake with a little help from moi!


Ciela said…
Advance Happy Birthday to E!! Ang bilis naman, Birthday na ulit ni E.

Wala akong masabi sa kasipagan ninyo! Pati weekend hakot pa rin ng moolah! Di kaya kayo matabunan ng kaperahan Huling? he he..

I hope you already caught some sleep by now. Take care!

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