Early Start


After canceling the last appointment with my doctor, I finally came in to see him this morning. As usual, the husband wanted the earliest possible appointment so we got a 9:15 sked. We made it just in time...but we had to wait another 30 minutes to be called. I hate that. We try to make it on time every single time just to wait...every single time! I guess that's a common practice especially in medical clinics.

Anyway, the visit itself went well. My TSH level is normal so the doctor is happy about that. He was surprised though to learn that I'm off the meds for a couple of months because I never got a call back from his secretary or the pharmacy about the refill I requested. He wasn't happy about that so right there and then he checked my files and there it was...his clinic called the pharmacy for refills but the pharmacy told me they didn't get any request from his clinic when I called. He called the pharmacy right away and told them about it. What do you know? They of course blame somebody else with the mix-up. Typical!

Since my TSH is normal, he said to see him in a year. Whoo hoo! He still wants me to take the medication but in very low dose. My eyes are still uneven that's why. Every 3 months, I still need my TSH checked so I have no choice but go through the blood drawing again in 3 months. I just hope I don't get the same person to draw my blood again because I WILL DEFINITELY complain if I get bruised again.


Nancy Janiola said…
ano yan mommy J, eye check up? anyway, kung ako yun, i can only allow 2 times para hanapin yung vein, kung hindi, find another doctor na agad, haha! aba, masakit din kaya yun :D
Gorgeous MUM said…
Good to know your TSH is normal.

I also hate waiting for ages even if you've got an early appointment and made sure to there on time. With an impatient kid in tow, waiting is a hassle!

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