Easter Bunny Shops...


...at Walmart! Did you know that?

Yesterday, the husband and the little one went to get some stuff for the husband's experiment. They weren't supposed to go to Walmart but I needed romaine lettuce and my face moisturizer so they didn't have a choice. The master has spoken, that's why. Ha! Anyway, as soon as they entered the store, Easter stuff greeted them...of course! What did the little one see first? The things that the Easter bunny gave her. Tadaa! She stopped and looked at Dad [aka the Easter bunny] with this naughty look on her face and said: I didn't know the Easter bunny shops at Walmart. Toink!

The little one has known for a quite a while [a couple of years at least] that Dad is actually the mysterious character/s that leave her gifts on Christmas eve & Easter. She just plays along so she'd get the goodies. She's aware that once she 'actually' admits that she knows it, her 'goodies' will stop coming...and she may be right! So we'll see how it's going to be next Easter. Will the bunny still shop at Walmart, then? Hmmm....


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