Family Car


Growing up, we didn't have a car. We didn't even have a bike actually. But my father worked for a bus company that were bound to Manila from our province. What does that mean? It meant that we got free rides everytime we wanted to go to Manila. All we had to say when we took the ride was our last name and we didn't have to pay a dime, well, a centavo is more like it. It wasn't as cool as owning our own vehicle but it was good enough for us. But that was then. My father has been gone for ten years now so my family don't get that privilege anymore. My brother also owns a honda accord now so they don't really need to take the bus now to go to Manila [or even Baguio].

Where I'm at right now, owning your own vehicle is a must. There are buses around but the bus stops are few and far between so it's more convenient to have your own ride. Needless to say, the husband is used to having his own vehicle to drive around. In the future, it is in our plan to settle in the Philippines. If and when that happens, I'm pretty sure we will be needing a family vehicle like a hyundai santa fe.

Why a family vehicle? Simple. I want something a bit bigger than what my brother already has so if we go on family trips, we can fit more people in it. Now if I only consider my own little family, a smaller car like a hyundai sonata will probably work for us. But we'll see. We still have a few more years before we will have any concrete plans as to where we will retire. Right now, I'm just tossing around ideas so we will have some options if and when our plan of moving across the world happens.


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