Family Legacy


I have 8 nieces and nephews courtesy of my 3 brothers. I have more nieces though than nephews. For a while there, my brothers were getting worried that they will not be able to produce a son who will continue the legacy of the family...LOL. Well, all 3 of them have a son each so that problem is solved.

When I left, these nieces and nephews were either still in elementary or were not born yet. I've seen them grow in pictures only. Now thanks to technology, I also see them via the web cam. Most of them are in that awkward teenage age. You know that stage where proactiv is one's best friend? That's where they are. Modesty aside though, they are good looking kids. My husband kept saying that one of my nephews should try modeling. That tickled my nephew that he couldn't smiling while we were talking to him. I'm sure his sisters and female cousins will tease non-stop about that.

Anyway, it was good to see most of them. Hopefully, next time I see them, it'll be in person. Fingers crossed....


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