For Real?


I'm sure you've tried subscribing to some interesting deals on the web. Majority of the emails I get everyday are notifications for these subscriptions. A lot of them go to my junk mail folder directly because they actually sound like they're junk mails. Anyway, one of the sites I signed for offers things like MP3 players, digital cameras and other electronics for just fraction of the store price. When I say fraction, I mean as small as 10th of the original price or even less sometimes. Some of the things are even offered for free and the only thing you pay for is shipping which ranges from $2.99 to $4.99.

Doesn't it sound too good to be true? Believe me, I have been tempted to bite the offers but I have not given in to the temptation yet. I'm just not sure if it's the real deal or it's one of those places that just scam you of your hard earned money. I wish there is someone I know who can vouch for this site but I don't. Maybe I'd give it a try one time and see what happens. What do you think?


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