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My older brother works for the biggest casino franchise in the Philippines. He’s been with them for about 20 years I believe. He said that sometimes he also wants to unwind and play in a casino just like most of their customers. Too bad, he couldn’t because as an employee of the casino, he is not allowed [as well as his family] to play or bet in their casinos. So I introduced him to online casinos, sort of. Before I mentioned it to him, he wasn’t even aware that there is such a thing. Oops.

Anyway, he’s a little bit leery about playing online. I guess that’s normal? So I have been searching for a site that does reviews as well as news & articles about online casino…and I found it. It’s called Online Casino Wizard. It does all those I just mentioned plus a lot more like a listing of US online casinos. With this site, one can find the best online casino that best suits one’s preference. My brother is not here in the US so I’m not sure if he can actually play in any of the US online casinos but I’m still sending him the link if only to orient him what an online casino is... and for him to see the difference between their casinos back there and the online casinos back here. Who knows, he may even learn a thing or two from this very informational website.


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