Home Decorating 101


That's what I need, hands down. I just think that I don't have it in me. If you come to our place right now, you would think that we only moved in yesterday. The walls are still bare and there are few pieces of furniture that are still missing. The latter is the result of somebody else's bad work habit which I've ranted about here quite a few times already. The former, well that's mostly me I think.

When I first arrived here, hubby said that I could take charge and do whatever pleases me as far as home decors are concerned. Not a good thing to tell me. I don't have the confidence in my taste so I almost always ask the husband's opinion. That still goes true until now. If I do some online window shopping sometimes and I see something I like, say, some discount rugs, I don't normally buy them right away. I'd bookmarked the site and show it to the husband when he gets home. More often than not, he'd say yes then I'd think more about it then decide. I am only like this when it comes to home decorating though. In other things, I decide all by myself. Maybe I really do need to take a home decorating 101 course, eh?


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