Home Office

For work-at-home Moms like me, a home office is somewhat a necessity. Now, home office is different depending on who you ask. For some their home office is the whole house. For others, it's either the dining table, the kitchen counters, the couch or the bed. Me? It used to be all of the above. That is still the case most of the time but I have a job now where a 'real home office' is actually needed. A space where it's quiet and away from unnecessary noises and distractions when I'm working. Fortunately, we have a home office. Unfortunately, it still needs some office furniture pieces which we are hoping to get this year.

Anyway, for the last 7 years or so that I've been a WAHM, I rarely used the home office. It kinda' beats the purpose of working at home if I stay stuck in an office for the most part that's why I'd rather stay on the dining table or the couch most of the time. But that has to change soon. Beside, I also want to have some kind of space for the little one to do her school works instead of doing it on the dining table. Hopefully, we'll be able to find the right furniture for our little home office so we can put it to use already. Fingers crossed!


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