Human Growth Hormone


Quite a few things going on around here lately. That's basically the reason why I have not been blogging for a few days. First, the husband was finally able to have the weekend off after a while. We just hang out around the house which means that I have extra stuff to do. It's just the way it is when we're all home. It was fun because it's been forever since the three of us were together 27/4. We also took advantage of his free time to talk more about our future plans...just the short-range ones for now. The result: a bunch of paperworks to attend to...mainly by me because hubby is already back at work.

My family back home has been bugging me when they'd get to see their little niece/cousin. Well, it may not be that long. Hubby really wants to visit the Philippines and see for himself how it is living there. Guess what? He wants to experience the hottest days of summer there. Goodluck with that, eh?

Anyway, I hinted to my family that we may be there before they know it and that elicited a lot of excitement from everyone. I, too, am excited of course. As expected, I got some unusual requests from my beloved nephews and nieces for 'pasalubong' but the one that takes the cake for the most unusual request would have to be the human growth hormone that my nephew has been asking me to buy him since the day I got here. I just didn't think he was serious when he first asked for it but I guess he is dead serious because he's still asking for it 8 years after. I can understand why. My nephew is just a little over 5 feet tall. His mom is short so there's the reason. I guess he still feels inferior about his height. I wouldn't think he would be because he is quite accomplished in his own right. He just finished med school and is about to graduate from his Special Eds masters degree. I guess 'physical appearance' still ranks up there with him.


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