Just Finished...

The first leg, anyway. I try to do it several times a day in order to meet my so-called daily goal. It surely feels good to be sweating this early in the day.

We have a rather cool weather here this morning. Right now, it's in the lower 60s. A far cry from yesterday's lower to mid 70s at this time of day. It's slowly going up though. At the end of the day, it would be in the mid 80s already. But right now, it's all CLEAR outside. The sky is so blue and it definitely is a nice day.

One more day and it's the weekend again. As usual, no plans whatsoever but WEED, maybe. We'll try and contact the gutter company so we can have our gutters put up already. Then, we can start planting real flowers on our flower beds. Fingers, toes & eyes crossed1


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