Little Juliana....

That's me when I was in Gr. 2. I was about 8 ½ years when this picture was taken so it's close to the age of our little one. Those that have seen this picture in my FB commented that they can see a similarity between me and the little one. It's probably because of the long hair and the big round eyes but that's where the similarity ends. Personality wise, she's a combination of me and the husband but she definitely is more outgoing than both of us.

I'm sure though that one thing she's not taking after me would be my height. Right now, she's almost my height and the rate she's going, she may be taller than her Dad in no time. I'm happy she doesn't have to click here to see if she needs help in getting taller. Dad's side of the family has some really tall relatives. His oldest brother and an older sister are well over six feet tall so the little one won't be out of place if there's a family gathering. Before I know it, I will be the 'little one' in this family.


J said…
ancient 'to Tuks. I wished I have my ancient pics here with me too. I was able to bring with me a few when I went back sa Pinas for my Dad's funeral. balak ko the next time we're headed there I will bring with me na lahat ng albums ko including school year books.grabe lang isguro ang bigat.

how's the weekend so far? kami dito warm and nice for once. have a great one!

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