Majestic Beauty

This is our majestic beauty tree. I posted a close-up of its flowers last week and today, I took this picture of it with some of its flowers in bloom. From what I have been reading, at its peak, this tree will be covered in flowers that you could barely see its leaves. Aside from being pretty, the flowers also have this nice mild smell.

Anyway, I took a few pictures of the tree alone and some pictures where the little one and I posed beside it [feeling tourist...LOL]. I would have posted my picture with tree here but when I saw how big I am, I decided not to. Yep, I think I'm obsessing about my weight already. I'm afraid that this obsession might even lead me to try a weight loss diet in the near future. But then again, I don't really believe I need to do that...yet. Okay..back to the treadmill I go!


Ciela said…
How nice this majestic beauty tree! I wonder if we can grow it here. I-post na ang mga photos ng mga real majestic beauties. Better to be big than skinny like us here. he he.. (parang mga malnourished eh!)

Super hot pa rin anf summer namin dito. Buti pa dyan may rain once in awhile!

Happy Saturday, Huling!
Ilocana said…
I love them blooming trees. It's one of the things worth looking forward to every spring. Only I don't like the reaction it brings coz they give me ALLERGIES! lol!

And me too, trying to lose weight as well.. really need to get on walking...

Have a great weekend Mom Juls :)

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