One of our plans in the 'soonest' possible time is to visit loved ones & places in the Philippines. I have not gone back even for a short visit since I left in 2001. Hubby wants to visit ASAP because he's interested in visiting several places there and possibly purchase a property for future plans. Me? I just want to see friends and family and for them to meet the little one in person. Hubby's work is mainly the reason why such visit is not YET possible. But if and when that plan pushes through and we would be away for a few weeks, I want to be able to still be connected on the internet and be able to do my job/s while away. That's one of the advantage of being a WAHM and homeschooling. I don't need to ask for a vacation while the little one don't need permission from school to go on a vacation in the middle of the school year.

Anyway, I have a few options on how I can still do some work while away. One, I can take my laptop with me to work. Second, I can buy one of those netbooks that are very handy [& affordable] especially when traveling. Third, I can probably borrow a laptop from my nieces or nephews. Of the tree options, I am leaning more and more on the second one. All I have to do is to install the software I need to work and voila, I'm ready. I just hope the internet connection out there will be good enough for me to do some work online.


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