Night Party


Complete with popcorn, games & music. That's what we just had. Well, it's not a real 'party'. It's one of the little one's party that she hosts almost everyday. LOL. I guess her being holed-up in the house on a Sunday bored her more than I thought because she put up some decorations and really had some plans written down.

It was fun even if it only lasted for 30 minutes...haha. It's her bedtime already and we don't break her much as possible. She tried her hardest to entertain her visitors - me & Dad - by playing her trumpet & maracas. She also did some puppet shows using her little toys. It's a well-planned 'night party', eh? Just like any other parties, I took pictures of course. What can I say? Pictures don't lie! I badly need to read more of the lipo 6 hers reviews to see if that will work for me. Sigh. It's a good thing the little one only served popcorn in her night party. At least I wouldn't have to worry about adding to my already unwanted extra pounds.


Ciela said…
Hello, Huling!
Ayos yang "Night Party" ni E, ha?!
Practisado na sa pag-entertain ng guests ang iyong dalaginding. he he..

Sunday was a rest day for me kasi lahat ng tao dito may kanya-kanyang lakad. Nice to be alone sometimes!

Another new week na naman. Blessed pa rin ba ng maraming work? Have a great week ahead.
Gorgeous MUM said…
Your Little Darling is really s clever girl, never runs out of idea to make life more fun!

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