One Step at a Time


That's the motto of a lot of people. It's very practical and seems to deliver if one is patient enough to wait for the result. That's what I've been trying to do when it comes to my weight loss quest. When I went in for my doctor's appointment this morning, I was eager to know what my weight is because last time I was weighed at my doctor's office, I gained about 4 pounds in 3 months' time. The doctor blamed the medication for that. This time, I only gained a pound, well, on top of the 4 that I gained before. So why am I happy? I really think that if I didn't start my walking a few weeks ago, my weight will be much heavier.

Anyway, whenever I'm walking I always have the TV on. It keeps me occupied while I'm trying to hit my daily goal. The downside? I see infomercials like the kymaro body shaper infomercial that make me think twice if I should keep on walking. Why? Well, the ads show how this wonder shaper will 'get rid' of those unsightly rings around my mid-section instantly. It's really tempting to just sit it out and order one...but I won't...or maybe, I will. But...I'll keep on walking if only for its health benefits.


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