PUTO a.ka. Rice Cake!

Giant PUTO [rice cake], I must say. LOL...

I've been buying this puto mix [rice cake mix] from the Philippine Store without the slightest idea how I would be able to cook them. I don't have the 'steamer' that's required to make the traditional puto. I tried using the oven to 'steam bake' them using my muffin cups. I did that a few times and they came out okay. It really doesn't matter how they look like, the important thing is how they taste, right? Only the little one and the 'big' one [moi?] eat them because the husband says that he could eat all 12 muffins and it wouldn't fill him up...so I started HIDING them from him....haha!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I decided to cook them differently. Instead of using the oven, I used this:

Yep, my ever dependable rice cooker [which needs a replacement soon]. My only problem was the muffin cups don't fit on the pot. Solution? I used the steamer that came with it and just put foil to cover the holes of the steamer. Voila! A giant puto! I got 3 boxes of the mix a few weeks ago. Each box came with 2 bags. Right now, I only have 1 bag left, half a box in other words. Can you say I need to check on the best fat burners out there ASAP? Or maybe, I can just add a couple hundred calories burned in my everyday goal when I do my walking, eh? If I keep making this rice cake, I can probably walk to the moon and back and it won't make a difference with my weight.


Anonymous said…
Atcheeeeee, kanyaman na naman ning puto mu, taksyapu tutulo ku wawa keni.

Ay wa, makapagal lilipat, hayyy peru atyu ya karin ing swerte lawin tanamu nung angga kami kapilan keng sfo.

Aku rin buri ku atin kung garden keng gulut bale bangkanta mananaman kung gule. hahahha
YUM!!! I love puto! Especially this HUMONGOUS PUTO! LOL!

Anyway, thanks for updating your link ate J! Kainis nga nah ninakaw nang old hosting company ko ang aking website. Kakainis. Ayaw nilang i-release ang domain name ko.
speaking of walking ate, buti pa ikaw mayginagawa... ako sedentary lifestyle. The only exercise I get is going up and down the stairs. Tapos sa school hinihingal pa hahaha. Kakahiya talaga ako.

Keep it up ate! On the bright side you're going to have a very good cardiovascular system.
J said…
hello!!!! now, I'm craving for puto. what's the name of the mix that you buy? baka available din at the nearby Filipino store para ma try ko rin.

hope your week is going great. TC!
Gorgeous MUM said…
Puto, yum! I also bought a puto mix from the Filipino shop here. I don't have a muffin tray and planned to buy one till I have forgotten about it and the mix expired. But seeing what you did, made me want to have it now!

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