This communication tool has been around for a number of years. A Vietnamese friend who resides in England asked me to download it a few years ago so we could talk for free. I wasn't able to do that then because our old computer was, well, ancient and it took forever to download anything much less run anything on it. But that's all in the past. I do have it now and I use it as much as I can especially when communicating with friends and loved ones overseas.

Earlier this week, my niece tried to contact me using Skype. It was choppy and they kept losing connection but it's all good. We just kept on trying and we were able to talk some. As usual, the million dollar question was: When are you coming here for a visit? My answer: Right now if we can...but we cannot do that yet. What I'm not telling them is we're seriously thinking of visiting maybe later this year...depending on the man of the house's work sked, of course.

During the on & off video call, I was able to ask them what they want if and when we finally make it there. I got the usual requests of shirts, chocolates, soap, etc. What caught me off guard was my niece's request for a hot tub cover. What? We didn't even have a tub when I left so I was taken aback by that request. Well, it's not for the family. Apparently, she wants to give it to her boss for her birthday. Aha! I told her I'd look but no promises. The trip is not even dated yet so she may have to look for that cover herself or her boss might 'fire' her. Nah...I know she won't.


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