Spur of the Moment

We went the beach nearby on a spur of the moment. The husband came home a bit earlier than usual yesterday. He wanted to go to test something he's experimenting on and the little one was just too happy to tag along...so tag along we did. Since it wasn't a 'swimming trip', we just stayed on the shore. It was low tide so beach goers were able to walk on ankle deep water like my father & daughter tandem.

The little one definitely enjoyed the quick trip so we will definitely go back there soon. As for the husband's experiment, he said he didn't get the result he wanted but it's only one of his many 'inventions'. If an idea pops in his head, he would definitely try it out as long as the materials needed are affordable so I'm no longer surprised if I see him searching online where he could buy things like stainless steel drums or different kinds of metals. He likes to put his ideas to test. Who knows? Maybe one day one of his ideas would actually be a success. Then we can retire anywhere we want right now. Dream on....


BongFlo said…
mas maganda talaga pag yung mga biglaan j! you'll never know what will come up... wishing you a blessed week ahead friend! ciao!

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