Sunshiny Day

It actually feels like it's summer here already...but it's not. The highest today will be in the mid-80s so it's getting warmer as the days go by.

I wish I can say my 'mood' is sunshiny as well but not quite. Why? I jumped in the scale first thing in the morning and not surprisingly, I *think* I gained a pound or two. Sigh. Not too happy about that but it's also my own doing. Yesterday, I went back on my treadmill and was able to walk 2 miles...a mile each time. I think that's a good start since I haven't been good at doing that in the past couple of weeks. I am starting to wonder if I should start thinking about taking ephedra diet pills already since I seem to be going nowhere with just my walking. But then again, I haven't been consistent on that walking as well. Hmm....

Hubby said that I probably need to tell my doctor about my weight concern. He's thinking it may have something to do with my thyroid situation and not so much with the food I eat. It's possible because the last time I was in his office he said that my weight gain then was because I was over medicated. Oh well. I guess I will have to ask him about this when we see him in a couple of weeks.


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