Trying HARD....

Yep, that's me. Trying really hard to walk as much as I can...which is not MUCH. I have some goals I want to attain weekly when it comes to my walking. Hopefully I'll be able to fulfill the goal. If not, at least I'm trying.

I've been off my thyroid meds for a couple of months. Not by doctor's order but as a result of a certain circumstance which I will be talking with my doctor when I see him in my next appointment. It's not a life and death situation so I opted to wait to talk to him about it. Anyway, my last lab work shows that my TSH level is back to normal range. I wonder if my not taking any medication actually helped. Hubby and I are guessing it probaby did. But we'll see what the doctor has to say about it.

I guess I can say that my week is off to a good start. I was able to squeeze in some walking time in between work. Work? BUSY! Quite a bit has been released earlier today so that will occupy my time for the most part. Weather wise....unpredictable as always. It's sunny the whole day but it's now starting to be cloudy and I'm hearing some thunders. I heard there will be isolated thunderstorms throughout the week. That's our weather alright....unpredictable!


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