Vegetable Seedlings!

That's how they look like now. I actually have no idea when I should be transferring them to their own little space. We've already decided that I won't be planting them directly on the ground. Instead, hubby got me some planters where I can plant them. I'm actually excited to start tending to them and watching them grow.

It seems though that not all the seeds we sowed are going to make it. If you look at the second row from the right, there are no seedlings out yet. Those are my eggplants..and they are the ones I actually expect to survive. I guess I just have to keep buying eggplants then, eh?

The little one has been watering them since day one. Today she doesn't have to do it. Rain did it for her. Yep, it rained here last night and it was still drizzling when I woke. It's all clear now and my seedlings are getting the sunlight they need for the day. I feel like a real 'gardener'. Umm...not really....


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