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As I've mentioned here a few times, I have been homeschooling the little one. It's just convenient because I am working at home anyway. Besides, I need to put what I studied for in college in good use, right? Those, plus the "little-known" fact that I have yet to learn how to do this thing called 'driving', are the reasons why homeschooling is the way to go...for now.

Homeschooling is a good thing if one has the patience for it. Do I? Can't really tell if I do....hehe. But it's very challenging especially if your ward is learning faster than you can teach. Whoopps! I am not much of an 'experimenter'....is that even a word? As a result, I let the little one do experiments that interest her and that's practically everything. Sigh...Dad is the one who LOVES anything that has to do with Science. I believe that if he only has the time, he is the better teacher when it comes to that field. This is the reason why I feel like I am not teaching her enough about Science.

Anyway, I try. We got her some gadgets to use so even if she's being homeschooled she's not missing on some things that are important. We try to incorporate whatever we do with her school work. The trip to the mini-golf course not too long ago proved to one learning experience for her because the place offers "Gem Mining" activity. That was a real treat for her and us as well. These are the 'gems' we mined...

As soon as we got home, this is what she did...

We brought home the little 'gems' as well so she was able to scrutinize them using her microscope. Fun, fun, fun...


Gracey said…
Hi! Just leaving my footprints here :). See yah around! By the way, care to xlinks?
guys tlaga are more interested in science than us women. kahit si hubby din. pag tungkol sa animals at kung anik anik na tungkol sa science, sya ang nagtuturo ke svet. kasi ano namang malay ko dun. haha!

sosyal with the microscope a. i bet svet would love looking through it. it seems that your angel did :)

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