Wanted: Easy Recipes


What a busy day I had! How busy? So busy I didn't even have the chance eat anything for lunch. When I had the chance to get off my computer, it was way too late to eat lunch so I just made some strawberry smoothie and munched on a piece of not so appetizing 'hardened' biscuit. I baked the biscuits myself a few days ago and they didn't come like the biscuits I wanted...soft and flaky. I followed a recipe from the box the mix came in. It's actually my second time to try that recipe and I still didn't get the result I want. I am about to give up trying...but I won't.

Cooking is something I really like to do. I like the preparation part as well as the cooking part. It's the tasting part that scares me to bits sometimes even if I follow recipes. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to cook. It's part of the deal when I got married. I didn't cook for anyone but myself before that so it was all new to me when I first got married. I remember cooking potatoes almost everyday for the first few months.

I find online prove to be my saving grace in more than one occasion. Everytime I get stuck or feel like I'm in a rut, I just do a search for a recipe that's easy enough for someone like me who is still finding my way around the kitchen after almost 10 years of being married. Ha! My husband says I’m a good cook but I know that he says that to encourage me to keep on trying and for that I’m grateful. Between the two of us, hubby is a much better cook and he cooks when he is not busy but that’s kind of rare. So for the most part, recipes I find online are my best friends…and for that, I’m truly thankful.


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