2 pounds...


LOST! I think anyway...and that's without taking apidexin or any other diet pills, mind you. I'm pretty sure though that I'm going to gain it back in no time since I'm back to my regular appetite. I kinda' know how I lost those 2 lbs, well, beside to not having the same appetite. It's one of the effects of me being worried the past two weeks. It seems the 2-week ordeal I just went through had quite an effect on me. Aside from what I already mentioned other factors such as not being able to sleep, etc. resulted to my mini weight loss, I also have pimples on the side of my face that's hurting like heck and some on my scalp which makes combing uncomfortble. Obviously, worrying has its good and bad effect to the body. Sadly, the bad outweighs the good so I still don't recommend it. Ha!


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