Accidents DO Happen


And they happen often to older folks.

Hubby's grandma [his stepmom's Mom] is well in her 80s. Eversince I came over, her health hasn't been the best. But she's still trying to be active and be independent. She and her husband still live in their own house but their children make sure to check on them regularly. Unfortunately, they can't check on them 24/7. Mom-mom, as she's fondly called, has slipped and fallen several times especially in the bathroom that they installed handles everywhere in all the bathrooms in their house. Our Aunts also started checking walk in bathtubs as well to make it easier for them to get in and out of the tub. Since they don't want to move to an assisted living facility, the only thing their kids can do is to make sure they are monitored closely. That's all they can for now.


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