Dreams Can Come True

This is me when I was about 5 years old. If I am not mistaken, this was taken just days after I had my last haircut before my father decided to let my hair grow long. Why do I remember it? Because my next haircut after that would be during my college picture taking. I was almost 23 years old.

I remember the day when I went with a friend to her friend who would do my make-up and my hair for the pictorial. My hair was way down my behind that he suggested to cut it so he can style it the way he wanted to. It was a hard decision for me because my father didn't have any idea that I would have it cut. Anyway, I agreed and the transformation was unbelievable. Not only did I have a shorter hair after a couple of hours, but I was also fully made up. I almost didn't recognize myself in the mirror. I was in awe of the magic the beautician did to me.

That day started my fascination with make-up and hairstyling. I tried to replicate what the person did to my hair and my make-up but with very little success. I quit trying after a while but I have always had that secret desire that somehow somewhere someday, I will be able to learn cosmetology.

Fast forward to a few months ago. The husband needed a hair cut. He said he's tired of going to the salon to have it cut so he asked me to cut his hair. No way, Jose. That's when it hit me. Maybe I should look for a cosmetology school in Florida! Seriously. Why not, right? If there is a good time to start something new, maybe this is the time. The course will not take years like the other courses and I will be able to use it everywhere I go. Most importantly, the husband doesn't have to go out of the house to have his haircut! Problem solved...a long hidden dream fulfilled! Hmm...


Tetcha said…
Getting into cosmetology sounds like a good idea. It's actually hitting two birds with one stone, you fulfilling your lifelong dream and hubby never having to go to the barber shop for a haircut. That will save you money, too, right?

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