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This is another Mother's Day related post so bear with me.

Because of the 'impromptu' driving lesson I had on Mother's Day, the little one's original plan of going out with Dad to get me something 'special' for Mother's Day didn't pan out. It had been their little 'tradition' to go out before or on Mother's Day itself to look for something to give me on MD. This year, that tradition was somewhat broken and she wasn't thrilled about that. She was apologetic so I had to let her know that we had a great day together and that's a great Mother's Day gift in itself.

Every year though, she always makes me little cards. This year is no different. As soon as we got back home, she went in her bedroom and started making this card for me...

Cover [like an envelope, eh?]

Inside of the Card
Yes, I have the BEST little one and she is the sweetest little one on the face of the earth.


Anonymous said…
Dara, oyni mag busy busyhan ku, taksyapu magpaka enjoy ku keng sunshine keni.

Mibalik na ku obra keng Monday kaya lubus lubusan ko ne ang paynawa.
Anonymous said…
Atche, at least biyasa tamung magdrive gocart. Anyweys, e bapa ku ing danum na nita alak. Mayna na ya katawan istung alang alak. Sabi nang atchi ku malasing ya kanung malasing nyang thursday tapos metudtud ya, rugu ali ne ginising.

Istung malasing ya pa naman eh mag english ya at pakisabyan ne ing sarili na. Nyang megbakasyun kami sabi na kang jo ku, give me money for milk rugu ing jo ku makatula ya kasi balu na ating gatas keng ref hahah. sabi ko taksyapu tanduay or gin ing milk na niyan.
J said…
how sweet E is! nakakatuwa.

been super busy,lalo na these last two days of the workweek. off si F because we are taking care of important matters. nakakapagod ang biyahe dito with the very unpredictable traffic at weather.

have a great weekend!

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