Fruit Trees...


Growing up, we used to have several fruit trees in our backyard. From what I can remember we used to have the following: guava, cashew, pomelo, caimito, santol and some others that I can no longer remember. There was even a time when I refused to eat some of their fruits simply because I've had enough of them. But as the years went by, one by one, those fruit trees were cut down. Today, we don't have any of those fruit trees in our yard anymore. Last time I spoke with my brother who loves to plant, he now has a mango tree and a lot of vegetable plants. It's kinda' sad because our nephews and nieces will never experience having those fruits fresh from our very own backyard.

Here in our little haven, the husband planted some berries - blackberry & blueberry trees. He also has a couple of green grapes that are still in the pots. Yesterday when we went to the Philippine store, I got me 3 mangoes. He suggested that we should try and grow a mango tree as well using the seeds of the mangoes I got. And to that I said: Definitely! Hopefully that will happen in 5, maybe 10 years?


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