Investing in the Future

Is it summer already? It definitely feels like it is here in our neck of the woods. We woke up with a temperature in the lower 70s and it’s well over 90 degrees right now. So to answer my own question, yes it is…or so it seems. Hubby doesn’t like the heat. But guess what? He’s been scouting some properties in the Philippines [via the internet of course] because he wants to move there the soonest possible time. Seriously? He is well aware that the temperature there is a lot hotter but he still wants to try it there…so be it.

He wants to buy a property there but he wants to see the place for himself so we may just fly there soon. Properties in the Philippines are a lot cheaper compared here. A few years ago, it would have a great investment. I’m not sure right now if it would still be a great investment. If you ask me I’d rather buy gold coins for investment since the price of gold has been rising steadily amidst this economic downturn. And if we really want to be secured with our investments, I believe gold is the way to go. But if we find a property there that is cheap and is in good location, I may just say yes to the idea…but, we’ll see.


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