Life Insurance


As a result of my recent health scare, I have been thinking more and more about getting a life insurance for the family. I used to have multiple life insurance but when I moved here, my policies elapsed because I didn't have the chance to attend to them because my move was rather sudden. Anyway, the husband and I talked about getting life insurance a long time ago. But that's all it It's not that we're not serious about it. We just got busy with other things so the plan of getting life insurance was put in the back burner. This time around, I am going to look into term life insurance rates first before I bring it up with him again. I know that's the first thing he'd ask me anyway.

Like I mentioned in my earlier posts, life is so fragile. We just never know what the future holds. Unfortunately, most of us only realize this when something unexpected happens. But that's human nature. We all need a good jolt every now and then to make us see that yes, life indeed is fragile.


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