Not so Good News...


Oil spill. Botched bombing. These 2 are hogging the headlines for days now. One is an ongoing disaster with no end in sight as of yet while the other could have caused a major disaster if the bomb actually went off. Is there any good news out there? Not much unfortunately. The economy is still struggling and many people are still out of work while others are on the verge of losing everything. Sadly, it doesn’t seem that things are getting any better in the job market.

Case in point…a friend’s husband just lost his job of 5 years. I am afraid for my friend and her husband because they live in a state where the cost of living is almost 3x as high as our cost of living here in our state. Can they relocate here? No. They bought a house a few years ago and they don’t want to lose it by relocating. Their solution to their sudden loss of income: tightening their already tight budget. I even suggested payday loans to her in case they get into a really tight spot especially if it is an immediate need since receiving the money from this type of loan normally takes only 24 hours.

My friend is still optimistic that her husband’s [new] small business will be able to generate enough income to cover for some of their bills. She’s also lucky because her boss is always willing to give her cash advance if needed. I am hoping that things get better for them. I hate to see them lose their house as a result of this economic downturn.


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