Promoting Business


The past few months have been crazy as far as the husband’s work schedule is concerned. They’ve been putting in a lot of hours finishing up a job that’s almost done, I think. Last week, they started taking days off again and he’s been coming home at a decent time on weekdays. But I’m not expecting it to last long. He just told me last week that they’ve been approached by a sales representative who suggested that they should try trade show booths in order to promote their business. They think it will be a good idea to do it but I’m not really sure about that. First, it will be done out of state. If that happens, the husband may just be the one to go and I don’t like it when he goes out of town….but if it’s for his business then what can I do, right?

Anyway, if they decide to participate in this trade show I’m guessing they will be needing help in looking for things like Pipe and Drape and table skirts to set up their booth. I’m not sure if I should volunteer to look for them or not. I just don’t have the ‘eye’ for decorating even if it’s only for setting up a 10 by 10 booth. But I know I would like to help so I’d probably just volunteer to look for banner stands since it’s easier than choosing skirts & drapes. That's better than not helping at all, right?


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