This is Me Today...

...and yesterday, and the day before that. I've been trying to keep my s0-called walking regimen but it's been a bit hard. This week, I feel exactly like that image up top....a walking zombie. It's my fault though because I've been staying up late again. Tonight I'll try to hit lalaland much earlier than the previous nights. My head feels a bit light and I blame my lack of sleep for that.

So far today, I was able to walk a bit. I'm actually sweating as I type this but that's probably because of the heat. It's in the 90s again today so our AC is going on non-stop since this morning. Looks like it's going to be this hot in the days to come. Actually, it will get even hotter as the days go by.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to be back to this


Ciela said…
Hi Huling!
Okay lang yang mapuyat basta sa pagkakakitaan. he he.. Bawi ka na lang the next day. So unlike me, kasi early evening pa lang super antok na ako. Maybe dahil na rin sa sobrang pagod dito sa bahay. As if laki ng pinapagawa. he he.. eh tiny shanty lang naman!

Alam mo, mag-a-upload sana ako ng pictures dito, but surprisingly, di ko magawa. Na-reprogram kasi itong laptop at di ko na sya kilala. I have to ask daughter to fix it for me, but she's got no time yet.

Salamat lagi sa dalaw ha Huling?!!
Dami ko ng utang na dalaw sa yo.
honey said…
hehehh! So cute.. :) ..
J said…
haven't done this in along time. hanggang fitness disc na lang ako muna at tamad kasi ako.

have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. ulan kami ulit bukas after a few days of nice temps. kainis.

happy Mother's day!

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