Time to hit the hay. My allergy is acting up again so I better go before I sneeze my head off. It's been a productive day today. I was able to do some work. The back porch is all set for some summer relaxing. Yeah! The little one is very happy because we put cushions on the chairs there as well as a new table to go with the set. She even suggested that we should sleep in the back porch tonight because it's comfy. Ummm....not quite. There is only one lounge chair and she already claimed it as hers....so where would Daddy and Mommy sleep? Apparently...on the other chairs.

Anyway, time to go night night....see you all next time...


Ciela said…
Oh.. wawa naman Huling! May allergy attack na naman. Are you taking
anti-histamin for the allergy? Yun nga lang it makes you groggy.

So, summer na summer na pala dyan. Go sleep in the porch! Pagbigyan si E. Kahit sitting position lang.. he he .. I will just imagine yung fresh evening air ninyo dyan.

I'm sure you are now asleep. Sweet dreams!

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