Wise Investments


What's a wise investment anyway? I can still remember when I first started working. Several of my older co-teachers had some sidelines going on. One of their sidelines was selling different pieces of jewelry. They were mostly gold jewelry like necklace, earrings & bracelets. Most of us would buy a piece almost every month because it's common knowledge that investing in gold is always a good way to prepare for the future. The only thing is I'm not really into wearing jewelry. I'm fine with just a pair of earrings and a watch. So the jewelry I bought then were either given to my sister or to my mother which was fine by me but that also meant that my 'investments' were given away.

Today, gold is still one of the better ways to invest. Its value does not go down as quickly as other investments and it's easy to sell because it's something that everybody likes.But if ever I decide to invest in gold, I'm going to buy gold coins instead of jewelry. I'd still buy gold jewelry but not for investment anymore but just for personal use.


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