Busy Days Ahead...

Thank goodness! I've been waiting to be this busy and now it's here and what am I doing? Blogging! Ha! Not really. I'm just taking a few minutes off to update here.

Another weekend went by so now we're waiting for the next one, right? Weather has been, well, unpredictable. It just stopped drizzling here. We had a 70% rain yesterday but guess what...not a drop. Today we have like 40% and it already rained.

The weekend flew like always. Hopefully, this week will also fly [in my dreams, maybe?]. But like I said, I'll have some busy days ahead so it's going to be umm...busy?

Btw, this weekend we were able to get a taste of our backyard 'harvest'....blackberries!

We only have 3 blackberry trees so we won't be getting a bunch of fruits out of them but it sure is exciting to watch the fruits ripen. We are also waiting on the blueberry trees fruits to be ready for pickin'. One of our grape vines also has a few fruits on it so we're keeping an eye on those as well.

As for my vegetable plants...nothing but flowers on the tomato plants. I have about 4 okra plants but only 1 is fully grown right now. I also have 1 eggplant plant...the only survivor I must say.

I know we won't be able to live on the fruits/vegetables in our little 'pot garden' but it's exciting to see them thrive. If only we don't have these pesky moles & squirrels wreaking havoc in our backyard...then we can probably start a little backyard garden. Oh well...maybe next year.


J said…
hello there! been out of circulation for quite a while. not easy having house guests.

you're starting to harvest na ha. as for me, pass ako this season. as it is going to be a busy summer for us, I'm afraid mamatay lang sila.

take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

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