Concert Tickets

One of the more popular TV shows had its finale last week, American Idol Season 9. A new American Idol was crowned and it’s Lee Dewyze … much to the surprise of a lot of people…who probably didn’t even vote. Ha! But like I mentioned in my previous post, both him and the runner-up have a career anyway so in the long run, it really doesn’t matter who brings home the crown, right?

Anyway, the husband watched the show from day 1 until its finale last Wednesday. It seems he couldn’t get enough of it that he tuned in last night forgetting that…ummm…it’s over already. I’m sure he’s not the only one who still wants to see these virtually unknown singer a few months ago. Good thing they have a nationwide tour coming up very soon. Tickets are on sale in places such as American Airlines Center – TX if you’re in Texas or in Air Canada Centre if you are in Canada.

I checked the Ticket America for the AI tour tickets which will be held near here but I didn’t find any. I’m not sure. Sold out, probably. Maybe I should just book us ticket sfor their Staples Center concert in Los Angeles in August. Why Los Angeles? We’re planning to take a trip there either July or August…if the husband’s work schedule permits, of course. I better ask the husband if that’s a good idea or not.


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